On May 10th, people across Canada are stepping up to defend communities from pipelines, dirty energy projects and runaway climate change.

Let’s take the next steps together to reach out, rally and organize across the country. Attend an event in your community where we can we all stand up as one to defend our climate.

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About your rally

Canada is at a crossroads.

Around the world, more money is being invested in creating electricity with renewable energy than all fossil fuels combined. We’re at the beginning of a great transition to replace fossil fuels with clean energy and ensure a safe climate for all generations.

Meanwhile, in Canada, our federal government is trying to bet our economy on boom-and-bust dirty energy projects that pollute the water and climate while piping the profits out of our communities.
People are stepping up across the country to create a better future. Last November, thousands rallied in over 130 communities across Canada to connect our movement from coast to coast to coast.
Now, with decisions looming on pipelines across the country, we need to reach out to more people, especially the kind who’ve never been to a rally before, to show our government the growing breadth, depth and diversity of this movement.




A Pipeline Near You

Industry is now pushing six new pipelines, all carrying dangerously toxic heavy oil through over a thousand communities. These pipelines are 50+ year infrastructure that lock us into a dead end economy.


The Climate Math

Everyone from the International Energy Agency to the World Bank agree we need a global carbon budget to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Canada’s tar sands contain nearly one sixth of the globe’s entire budget.


The Great Transition

We’re at the beginning of a massive global transition to replace dirty fossil fuels with clean energy, and ensure a safe climate for all generations. Canada has a choice – to help lead this new reality or to lose out.