Climate Change in Cities
Climate Change in Cities

Climate Change in Cities

Almost everything about how we plan, create, and live in our cities is influenced by the weather. Basically, how we live our lives is determine by the climate. The infrastructure we use including streets, roads, sidewalks, parking lots, public transit, and establishments have all been designed to best suit the climate.

Climate change is taking place and there is a need to be prepared for that change. This is according to Sadhu Johnston, the city manager of Vancouver, who has spent several years working in the field of urban planning in the United States and Canada. 

Since more people now live in cities, taking action is critical for community planning and city living. Urban areas are especially vulnerable to a warming world’s rising risks due to the dense concentration of citizens, government, industry, infrastructure, and economic capital. 

 According to a Toronto counsellor, Gord Perks, nearly all infrastructures in the cities are built for the wrong climate. Perks, who has been handling environmental issues says that many cities are back at the drawing back trying to figure out the actions to take.

Fortunately, meeting the threat of climate change often provides an opportunity to improve urban health, protection, and quality of life. Building green infrastructure and mitigating climate change, as stated by Johnston, has substantial advantages to enhance the quality of our city life. 

We truly believe that by going through this process, we will be able to build great urban environments and reduce the risks of global warming. 

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