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Take Action

Take Action

Global Warming and Climate change is a significant concern, but it is also a direct product of our collective decisions and actions. That means we have the potential to revolutionize the way.

For years, we’ve been advised that we need to take individual environmental and climate action.  Some of the ways that we can positively contribute to a healthy planet is by improving our home ventilation, choosing to walk or ride our bikes, and making the conscious choice of public transportation. Our social platforms, including the political and economic structures, all play a role in confronting the climate crisis.

Mitigation and adaptation are two facets of climate action.

Climate change mitigation and adaptation would necessitate a combination of:

1. Technical know-how 

This involves having adequate knowledge to address problems that allow us to make a successful transition to low-carbon energy sources, the aim of providing data and analysis to appreciate global warming and its implications properly, and developing innovative preparation tools and methods.

2. Political Drive

In the face of opposition and denial, political will takes a vital role in establishing market incentives that include carbon taxes to reduce our collective reliance on high-carbon fuels and enact climate-smart laws and regulations.

3. Self-accountability 

This refers to the need to recognize the significance and significance of the global warming challenge. This is needed to make changes in our own lives and empower.