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What Is Climate Change

Climate change is generally acknowledged as humanity’s most pressing problem. The main cause of global warming is basically human activity. What we do can greatly affect climate change and bring about negative effects. That said,...

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The Last Line is a non-profit and non-partisan company that is committed to inspiring the youth who are passionate about advancing climate change and renewable energy solutions that will expand our economy while also preserving future generations. ...

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Global Warming and Climate change is a significant concern, but it is also a direct product of our collective decisions and actions. That means we have the potential to revolutionize the way. For years, we’ve...

Climate Change

Climate Change

Single-use Plastic to Be Fully Banned in Ottawa by the End of 2021

By the end of 2021, the federal government plans to implement a core pledge to ban single-use plastics in Ottawa. Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson revealed... Read More "Single-use Plastic to Be Fully Banned in Ottawa by the End of 2021"

Planned Ban on Plastic Industry in Canada

An industry group has said that the federal government's proposal to ban certain single-use is detrimental and defamatory to the businesses that manufacture them. According... Read More "Planned Ban on Plastic Industry in Canada"

Climate Change in Cities

Almost everything about how we plan, create, and live in our cities is influenced by the weather. Basically, how we live our lives is determine... Read More "Climate Change in Cities"

Climate and Health

Climate and Health

What Is Climate Change

Climate change is generally acknowledged as humanity’s most pressing problem. The main cause of global warming is basically human activity. What we do can greatly affect climate change and bring about negative effects. That said, we also know that we have the expertise, technology, and tools to address the problem in ways that benefit the poorest and most vulnerable in societies.

The atmosphere of the Earth is part of a global mechanism that holds the planet’s temperature within a habitable scope.  Since the start of significant events, particularly the Industrial Revolution, our communities have been changing the atmospheric composition. This is brought by consuming fossil fuels including coal, petroleum, and gasoline. 

The greenhouse effect generally results from the accumulation of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect absorbs solar energy and increases the Earth’s temperature, and it is this rising temperature that most people refer to when they say “global warming” or “climate change.  

Methane emission is primarily caused by petroleum products and livestock domestication, nitrous oxide released by nitrogen-based fertilizers, and hydrofluorocarbons are all significant greenhouse gases.

Climate change’s wide-ranging effects cause changes in different aspects, including environmentally, economically, and socially. Both of these effects are intertwined, so a regression of one result may exacerbate another.


An RV Trailer Built to Match Electric Vehicles

Equipping your car with a solar-powered RV trailer is the perfect move for campers on the go. However, several things should be considered, especially since having a trailer increases your vehicle’s drag, thereby lowering its fuel efficiency. While fuel-powered cars won’t have a problem as gasoline stations are numerous across the States, users of electric-powered vehicles might find it difficult to find charging stations in a particular area. After all, electric vehicles are recent players in the field and are only backed by those who want a fuel-independent and climate-friendly life.

Still, the numbers are rising; in fact, around 2% of new light-duty vehicles sold in 2019 were plug-in electric vehicles. However, sadly, the lack of charging stations might pose problems for electric cars, especially if there is a drag-inducing trailer on its back. Fortunately, a new trailer model helps users avoid this predicament: The Polydrop.

The video below shows the perfect trailer for electric cars:

New Polydrop Teardrop Trailer Features Solar Panels, Batteries, and Aero

What Is the Polydrop?

For those who have heard “polydrop” for the first time, here’s a brief background: Polydrop is an ultra-lightweight trailer design that was first prototyped in 2017 by Kyung-Hyun, a Korean architect. Designed like a polygonal horizontal teardrop for aerodynamic purposes, the small but affordable trailer is best suited for solo or couple campers. Additionally, Polydrop’s dry weight is around 760 pounds, making it lightweight enough for most cars.

In contrast, conventional trailers have an average dry weight of 5,200 pounds. Dry weight refers to the weight of the near-empty trailer. The Polydrop is a good match for electric vehicles, as it reduces drag and electricity consumption. Moreover, the streamlined design is also something that attracts users looking for a sleek and modern-looking trailer.

The P17A: Having Solar, Batteries, and Aero

With that said, the newer Polydrop model, P17A, was specifically engineered to fit and be used with electric vehicles. In addition, it was reported that the Polydrop founder and designer himself tested it on a Tesla Model 3.

Built with an aluminum frame following a polygon shape, the P17A features multiple solar panels with powerful 12 kWh batteries and better aerodynamic support. In addition, its external dimensions are approximately 13 by 6 by 5 feet. The interior also features an excellent working area for cooking. For example, there are polygon-shaped drawers beneath the working space, which are spacious enough to store cooking items and accessories.

Other materials can also be stored inside the trailer. Its doors even open vertically, akin to sports cars. In addition, unlike other modern trailers, the solar panels of polydrop are numerous. In fact, the entire roof is adorned with these panels that could generate almost 520 watts of power in ideal conditions.

Insulation is also present within the walls, allowing it to use its climate control system efficiently. This, coupled with its batteries for backup, can power a decent amount of electronic gadgets inside. Furthermore, the batteries are made of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). Due to its weight, it is integrated into the bottom of the trailer. Because of their larger capacity, even with climate control (e.g., heating/air conditioning) systems, the batteries can survive off-grid for six days.

Nonetheless, proper maintenance and good usage habits are crucial to making sure the solar power system will last. In addition, you must also conduct periodic testing of cabling and components. Finally, while parked on camping, you also need to ground the system to prevent electric shock hazards.

Final Thoughts

With that said, summertime camping just got more climate-friendly with the introduction of Polydrop’s solar-powered trailer. Coupled with reasonable usage, the solar panel system may last for years, allowing you to maximize everything it has to offer during your outdoor trips.


Students Campaign for Climate Change Alongside Election

Alongside the events relevant to the election, young activists in Canada will attend a week of sustainable development. On that day, more than one hundred strikes and protests in different Canadian provinces are set to take place. In addition to that, world-famous climate change advocate Greta Thunberg has also been invited to participate. 

Marina Melanidis, the project coordinator for Youth4Nature, an international organization supporting nature-based climate solutions, was among a group of young climate change activists who spoke at the Summit for United Nations Young Global held in New York on a Saturday.

Melanidis, a 24-year-old climate campaigner from Vancouver believes that now is the time to keep governments and lawmakers responsible and accountable for global warming climate action. This time, they reckon it’s a big deal because the world will be watching.

According to her and other activists, this is the first time many young people have been welcomed into the United Nations headquarters. Melanidis told policymakers that youth must be “co-designers” of climate solutions in her Saturday summit address.

She claimed that this was a solution that cannot be done without the help of the youth. This occurrence rapidly became viral online and received 25,000 views in just three hours.