Planned Ban on Plastic Industry in Canada
Planned Ban on Plastic Industry in Canada

Planned Ban on Plastic Industry in Canada

An industry group has said that the federal government’s proposal to ban certain single-use is detrimental and defamatory to the businesses that manufacture them. According to the federal government, these products that include; plastic straws, carry-out bags, cutlery, styrofoam plates, six-pack rings, and stir sticks are “toxic” to the ecosystem. 

Climate Minister Jonathan Wilkinson said that the six single-use plastic products will be banned because of their impact on the environment. He said that they will be added to the list of toxic substances under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

The ban is likely to take effect by the end of 2021. Once it does, these plastic items will be prohibited from being sold in Canada. While others will be banned to limit their exposure to the environment, individuals are encouraged to reuse or recycle other certain single-use products. This means creating rules to promote others’ recycling or replacement.

Anything listed as hazardous under the statute must first be subjected to a comprehensive test to assess if it poses a risk. However, the vice president of the division of plastic in the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada has said that plastic products are not harmful products. He went on to say that plastic does not contain toxic substances like lead, mercury, or asbestos.

The final scientific report on single-use materials was published confirming preliminary results that plastics are often found in the atmosphere and have been proven detrimental to biodiversity and habitat. Ingesting this type of pollution or being entangled in these plastic items has caused harm or death to turtles, birds, and marine mammals in particular.

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