The Last Line
About Us

About Us

The Last Line is a non-profit and non-partisan company that is committed to inspiring the youth who are passionate about advancing climate change and renewable energy solutions that will expand our economy while also preserving future generations. 

Our mission is to ensure climate solutions regardless of your political persuasions. Whether you’re taking a liberal or a conservative political stance, or as a Republican or a Democrat, our country needs young people with diverse ideologies to collaborate on an ecological design for sustainability. 

In this platform, we have enough space to accommodate a spectrum of viewpoints. Although we can disagree about how to address the issue, we all accept that it exists.

We want to build sustainable energy infrastructure. The renewable energy industry is already booming; for example, more Americans work in solar than in coal mines. Nonetheless, there is no denying that there’s still so much we can do. 

That is why we adopt measures that will assist in creating a robust renewable energy industry. We want to build a clean energy economy that not only protects the environment but also creates healthy, well-paying, and genuinely sustainable employment for Americans and communities around the globe.

The Last Line urges our elected officials to work across party lines to address climate change and renewable energy to benefit the foreseeable future generation. We have partnered with both Republicans and Democrats to establish our foundational environmental protections. Every major ecological bill, including the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act, was passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.