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What Is Inside a Solar Panel?

Solar panels are an increasingly popular form of renewable energy, and they’re popping up on roofs worldwide. But how exactly do they work? What is inside a solar panel? In this article, we’ll dive into the inner workings of solar panels. Then, we will explore their history, production process, and different types available in the market today.
What Are the Types of Solar Panels?
Solar panels are devices that use solar energy to produce electricity. The most …


Living Off-Grid in Canada: A Guide for Beginners

These days, people have developed a desire for off-grid living. They want to resort to the natural way of living to connect better with nature and be disconnected from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Though the grid refers to a country’s electrical distribution or supply network, it goes beyond that in this context.
Living off-grid in Canada or other countries involves generating your electricity via a wind turbine or solar panels, growing your food, disconnecting your cell service, and cutting off or reducing utilities such as gas and the sewage system. In essence, to live off-grid is to become self-sufficient in …


An RV Trailer Built to Match Electric Vehicles

Equipping your car with a solar-powered RV trailer is the perfect move for campers on the go. However, several things should be considered, especially since having a trailer increases your vehicle’s drag, thereby lowering its fuel efficiency. While fuel-powered cars won’t have a problem as gasoline stations are numerous across the States, users of electric-powered vehicles might find it difficult to find charging stations in a particular area. After all, electric vehicles are recent players in the field and are only backed by those…


Students Campaign for Climate Change Alongside Election

Alongside the events relevant to the election, young activists in Canada will attend a week of sustainable development. On that day, more than one hundred strikes and protests in different Canadian provinces are set to take place. In addition to that, world-famous climate change advocate Greta Thunberg has also been invited to participate. 
Marina Melanidis, the project coordinator for Youth4Nature, an international organization supporting nature-based climate solutions, was among a group of young climate change activists who spoke at the Summit for United …

The Effects of Cement on the Planet

Concrete production accounts for 8% of carbon emissions and demand for concrete is growing as the world’s population increases. Concrete manufacturing also contributes significantly to industrial emissions.
The high pollution levels caused by structural concrete are due to the dust generated by casting the concrete and the trucks that transport the materials between construction sites.
University of California researchers have estimated the cost of air pollution caused by concrete manufacturing. The researchers …

Young Climate Activists Demand Leaders to Act on the Climate Crisis

Greta Thunberg inspired a generation of young people who formed on a Friday protest outside the Swedish Parliament. Greta, who is a young teenager, was tired of climate change and she skipped school to demand the government to take action. 
The protest of young individuals campaigning for a healthier world has turned into the most prominent climate movement in history. The strike attracted more than a million individuals who took to the streets in more than 150 countries. In New York City alone, 250, 000 individuals took to the streets. Thunberg approached …